New England Child Life Professionals began in June 2005. A handful of local Child Life Specialists aimed to recreate a former regional Child Life networking group. At the same time, a group of Child Life directors were beginning to develop a forum for information sharing. These two groups merged and NECLP, Inc. was born in 2006.

We endeavor to be a community of Child Life professionals who represent all aspects of child life.  Our board currently represents over 40 years of experience working in various areas.  In October 2006, we had our first one day conference; the conference continues to be an annual event, attended by approximately 100 professionals and students.  We have also held networking nights; these sessions, now offered each March in celebration of Child Life Month, enrich who we are as professionals.  Various child life specialists have graciously offered their sites for these successful events.  We continue to collect annual membership dues in order to sponsor these events.


Annual Fall Conference

The board is excited to offer you a full day in-person conference for 6 PDUS at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp on Monday October 24th. For more information, check out the Events page.

Membership News

It is that time of year to renew your NECLP Membership for the next year or, if you aren't a current member, please join us for our next year of events! For more information on the benefits and to register, please click here to go to our Membership page.

Calling All Webinar Presenters!

Would you like to be our next presenter?

The NECLP, Inc. Board is currently seeking Webinar Presenters. Please click below for specific details and application.  Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Call for Webinar Presenters Application

By-Law Amendment Voting

NECLP's newest By-Law Amendment has passed!! We are pleased to announce we will have a new position, Technology Support Member, starting with our next election cycle.  Please keep a look out for the upcoming emails for election season.

The Board's Commitment and Appreciation

Please know that your board members are committed to keeping the NECLP community and organization connected, growing, and moving forward. We deliberately made the choice to not rush into a virtual 15th annual conference. We are committed to our members to research and learn the best platforms and ways to possibly present virtual educational opportunities to you in the future but did not want to start with a 3 day rushed timeline. We also value the networking opportunities that our NECLP events provide and once allowed to do so in this new world of ours, the board will look into such events. 

While this year has been nothing any of us could have ever imagined, for more reasons than one, please know all the board members truly understand the challenges many of you have faced, be it personally or professionally. We greatly appreciate the commitment, dedication, compassion we are sure you have, and will continue to provide, to so many children, families, and staff members during these challenging times and, because we are CCLS (or other health care providers) we tend to care for others before ourselves, so your NECLP board is asking you to be sure to care for yourself as well. Find what rejuvenates you. Find what brings you peace. Find what brings you happiness.

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