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Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for more webinars and information about our annual fall conference! 

If you would like to be our next presenter, click here for more information.

Upcoming Events

NECLP Annual Fall Conference

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - Ashford, CT

Registration is open for our annual fall conference. If you are not currently a NECLP member you can register for the conference or join NECLP and register with this link. The Conference Program is also available via the link.


If you are a NECLP member, and have not received the link with special member pricing, please email us at

Register before October 12, 2023 to receive the following pricing:

Professional Members: $55
Student Members: $30 Professional
Non-Members: $110 Student
Non-Members: $60
Join NECLP and Attend - Professional: $100 Join
NECLP and Attend - Student: $55

After October 12th, a late registration fee of $20 will be added to all above pricing. 

Past Events

May 2023 Webinar

"Deepening the Therapeutic Approach through Bibliotherapy and Expressive Arts"



Shani Thornton, MS, CCLS, RWWP

Child Life Mommy


Bibliotherapy is a powerful tool that can help to deepen the therapeutic process for children and teens coping with life's stressors. In this workshop, attendees will learn the value of bibliotherapy and how to facilitate therapeutic activities that align with a book's theme. The presenter will cover various social-emotional topics and interventions for children and teens. Attendees will also learn about additional resources to support their professional work and the families they serve. 

March 2023 Webinar

"Defense Against the Dark Arts"



Reverend Kate Perry, MDw, BCC

Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA


This presentation explores burnout and compassion fatigue within healthcare and Child Life, engages in supportive conversation around common hardship and personality traits that make individuals more susceptible to burnout/compassion fatigue. It offers concrete/tangible tools to manage/alleviate burnout/stress/fatigue and hopefully to prevent further "injury".


February 2023 Webinar

"Children of Adult Patients: Sustainable Programming & Supportive Interventions"



Chelsie Lang, MS, CCLS, RWWP, University of Vermont Medical Center, Burlington, VT

Meghan Monahan, MS, CCLS, Baystate Children's Hospital, Springfield, MA


Join Meghan and Chelsie as they discuss how they advocated for and created a position to support the needs of children of adult patients. Each will share insight for navigating the development of a sustainable program, as well as discuss creative interventions for supporting children and their families in the oncology unit, ICU, NICU, and during end-of-life and grief. The presentation will conclude with information from community partners, Camp Kesem – a nationally recognized camp for supporting children impacted by a loved one’s cancer diagnosis.


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