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NECLP's Annual March Child Life Event

"The World is Full of Cactus, but We Don't Have to Sit on It"

Speaker: Susan Keane Baker MHA  


Life doesn't always go the way we want it to. Whether it is an encounter with a stressful situation, a difficult day or an unwanted change, the cactus in our lives can take a toll. Got cactus? Attend this program to learn how to dust yourself off and maintain a positive outlook - whatever life brings your way.


Discussion will include:

* How to prevent escalation of difficult situations.

* How to respond more confidently in conflict situations.

* Self-assess behaviors you could use to reduce the number of  difficult encounters.

* The secret to loving your job... and your life (really).

* Using empathy and tact, even when under pressure.


Live Zoom Webinar

Thursday March 25th, 2021

NECLP Update: 6:45 p.m.

Speaking Program: 7-8:30 p.m.

1.5 PDUs


Fee: $10 Professional and Student Non-Members


Free for current NECLP, INC members  

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Annual October Conference

It is with great disappointment that the NECLP board has decided to CANCEL the 15th Annual Fall Conference that was going to take place from October 25-27, 2020 in Meredith, NH.  We were very excited to be offering a 3 day conference at the beautiful Mill Falls at the Lake resort.  However, it has become apparent that many health care institutions within the New England area are still uncertain on what they will be allowing for business travel and financial support for staff for the remainder of the calendar year due to the Covid pandemic.  Planning such an event requires a certain amount of attendees to be fiscally responsible.  For the above reason, and in an effort to be respectful of presenters and attendees time, we felt it was best to make this difficult decision sooner than later. We hope to provide an equally exciting and education experience in 2021 so stay tuned! 

Past Events

"An Imposter in the Child Life Department"

Speaker: Sarah Framarin, M.Ed., CCLS, CTRS


This webinar presentation will provide a brief education of the impostor phenomenon. The phenomenon and its impact on child life specialists, managers and academicians will be discussed. Attendees will be offered concrete suggestions for dealing with impostor feelings in their work.

  *   Participants will be able to define the Impostor Phenomenon (IP).

  *   Participants will learn to identify impostor characteristics and their impact on the work of child life specialists.

  *   Participants will develop strategies for combating impostor feelings.

Live Zoom Webinar

Wednesday February 24th, 2021

Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm


Event is at capacity.

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