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The time is finally here!  We have had our first two webinars and hope to have more coming soon! For more information, check out the Events page and we hope you can join us!

Elections for 2021 are almost here! Nominations run from July 1, 2021-July 22, 2021.  

For information regarding the 2021 Elections for Vice President, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large(B), please review our nomination form here.  Self-nominations or nominations from another person(does not matter if they are a member) are both accepted.  A person who is nominated must have been a member the year prior and currently be a member.  Please see details of board positions and the election process in the by-laws on the NECLP, Inc. on the About Us page on this website! 

New England News

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Child Life Disaster Relief is a national 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to mitigating the negative psychosocial effects of trauma on children and families. Recently, a local chapter has been created in the Greater Boston Area for CCLS' to directly respond to children experiencing disasters on a local level including: house fires, shootings, natural disasters, suicides, etc. This volunteer response is done through phone consults, providing resources, or on-scene support, depending on what the family needs. No prior CLDR training is necessary, you must however be a certified child life specialist. No fees are required to join. To become a member of the greater Boston chapter, please reach out to Local Program Manager, Alyssa Cooperider at

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